Kichi can David is my name.Born on the 27/11/1982 in Kitgum District.A

Social worker and a human resource manager with an eye for a peaceful and a productive society. I’ve volunteered with Child Fund, World Food Programme, participated in the Rapid Response Assessment survey on problems affecting people living in returned Homes in Northern Uganda with World Vision, Presiding officer in the 2011 general election in Gulu, Uganda. Expanded Rural Participatory Appraiser Facilitator (EPRA) with Gulu District Local Government.


My life experience with what I have been through, seen and done in the two decades of civil war in northern Uganda has motivated me more into YOLRED Team. My passion is to combine my knowledge and experience to bring healing to the region so that Families find peace within themselves and strengthen unity, culture and livelihood so as to know themselves as peaceful, whole, complete and safe. My education background includes BBA.HRM from Cavendish University Uganda, DIP. Social Works from Nsamizi training Institute of Social Dev’t. Cert.Monitoring and Evaluation, Cert.Project Planning and Management from East African Population Initiative.