I was abducted in April 1995 from a village now called Onyomtil in anaka sub-county Nwoya district. I remained in captivity for a period of one year. I managed to escape from captivity in May 1996. Iwas then taken to Gulu Support the Children Organization (GUSCO) centre for psychosocial support and rehabilitation.

I always find it very hard to share with people what happened during this time  in the captivity because it brings all the Sad memories back

From the centre of rehabilitation came a time to be reintergrated back into the communities. Copying up with life in the community was very challenging and still remains challenging to most of the formerly abducted person up to now because of stigmatization, lack of access to formal education, denaial to land access as well as violation of their rights among many others.

Despite all the above, I had a chance to go back to school with the Belgiumsupport under the programme Sponsoring Children Uganda. Unfortunately, they stopped along the way before we could finish our studies.

It was from this point that I thoughtof us coming together through forming a Youth group known as Lurem for Progress Youth Association to allow us have a common way of sharing our problems.

It was from this group that together with Charles we got to know the Goldin Institute  through Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative (ARLPI) in partnership with the Interreligious Council of Uganda and the African council for Peace Where Mama Dorcas was then working.

I then got a training in ESPERE methodology facilitaed by a Colombian trainer called Lissette. This training change my perspectives in a way I neverexpected and the extention of this unique methodology to the rest of other Child Soldiers and the community kept honting me and feeling so passionate about my fellow victims and their various communities in which they were reintergrated in.

Arigatou Intrnational and GNRC then took me back to school, something that I had been wanting for long but could not find. Now, I am happy that I will graduate with a Bachalor degree in Bussiness Administration Majoring Human Resource management.

Now I am happy for Youth Leaders for Restoration and Development. A platform for Former Child Soldiers that will play a very important role at the grassroot level in mainstreaming the lives of the victims, Youth, Children, Childmothers and the disadvantaged. Something which had been honting me and now coming into reality with support from the Goldin Institute, Arigatou International and the Denmark team.

As a leader of the organization, I will ensure that our problems are accessed locally and solutions implemented locally by the locals to the beneficiary. The output of this organization must be felt and seen in the communities.