I was born in 1982, 2nd out of six in the birth order of my parents. Hailing from Acakala village, parubanga Parish, Pabbo Sub-county Amuru District in northern part of Uganda. I had a Diploma in Civil Engineering, Teacher education and Psychology counseling.

During the Lord’s Resistance Army, (LRA) atrocities, I underwent a number of painful experience which includes; living in the Camp, losing my close relatives and friends, missing the basic needs of a human person like; proper shelter, education, health, sense of belonging, safety- security and self-esteem hence limiting the needs for self-actualization.


I felt it relevant to be part of Youth Leaders for Restoration and Development (YOLRED) team in order to share and merge the different experiences of both the directly affected human persons and the indirectly affected human persons which will enable the team to assess the needs of the community and developed a long lasting solution to the issues affecting the them. This can be done through the use of the 4ps= Predisposing factors=Precipitating factors=Perpetuating factors and the =Preventive-protective factors.